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Dial Code Santa Claus Trailer: Insane 80s Christmas Movie Gets Rediscovered

Dial Code Santa Claus is a hidden gem from the late 80s that could just become your next favorite Christmas movie. Source link Read More

Nick Frost Trolls Fans Hard with Fake Hot Fuzz 2 Announcement

Hot Fuzz 2 was nearly confirmed for a few hours today when Nick Frost posted an image of himself, Edgar Wright, and Simon Pegg on social media. Source link Read More

How to lose weight in your 30s

In your 30s, your hormones change and you burn 100 calories less per day than in your 20s. 1. Increase your muscle bulk Your waistline starts to expand as your total body fat increases, and muscle mass and body water decrease. This is why you’re likely to see an increase in body weight and lose Read More

Climate Negotiators Reach an Overtime Deal to Keep Paris Pact Alive

The deal puts in place detailed implementation rules, but analysts said it was now up to individual countries to honor their commitments. Source link Read More

Former Tar Heel Players Derail New Home for ‘Silent Sam’ Confederate Statue

Several of the University of North Carolina’s former stars signed a letter opposing a new history center for the toppled statue. The board of governors then scrapped the plan. Source link Read More

The Fit Body Travel Pack – On the Go Fitness Pack

Monica (@_fitfoodfitbody_) is the creator of the Fit Body Travel Pack. She has been represented by Chadwick models for the past 14 years, Jaggad apparel ambassador and featured in the global Pink Lady campaign. For the past 3 years she has been running her own mobile personal training business, Fit Food Fit body was created Read More

Protecting Your Site With Feature Policy

Protecting Your Site With Feature Policy Protecting Your Site With Feature Policy Rachel Andrew 2018-12-12T11:30:30+02:00 2018-12-13T09:25:22+00:00 One of the web platform features highlighted at the recent Chrome Dev Summit was Feature Policy, which aims to “allow site authors to selectively enable and disable use of various browser features and APIs.” In this article, I’ll take Read More

Desperate 70 Year-Old Man Robs Bank, Immediately Surrenders To Police

BILLINGSGATE POST: Joe Kocolochek, a retired farmer from Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, had taken all he could. After surviving fifty years with his termagant wife, he decided that he had to take action. Anything would be better than spending another… Source link Read More

It’s a Briefcase! It’s a Pizza Box! No, It’s a Mini Satellite

Orbiting instruments are now so small they can be launched by the dozens, and even high school students can build them. Source link Read More

Now Amazon Wants to Take Over Your Closet

Amazon has already changed the way humans shop for pretty much everything. Now the company has its sights set on the fastest growing segment of e-commerce on the planet: apparel. Of course, there are plenty of hurdles. People have always been leery of buying clothes they can’t first see, feel, and/or try on. And guys Read More

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