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Seeking America’s Quietest Spots: The Quest for Silence in a Loud World

Dennis Follensbee has climbed through New Hampshire’s White Mountains trying to find somewhere — anywhere — that is quiet. He is not alone in his quest. Source link Read More

A Guide To Embracing Challenges And Excelling At Your UX Design Internship

A Guide To Embracing Challenges And Excelling At Your UX Design Internship A Guide To Embracing Challenges And Excelling At Your UX Design Internship Erica Chen 2018-09-21T14:15:20+02:00 2018-09-21T12:50:32+00:00 This is the story about my user design internship. I’m not saying that your internship is going to be anything like mine. In fact, if there’s one Read More

Gun Blames its Owner for Murder

A 9mm Glock used to kill a local man says its owner is to blame for the murder. The gun’s attorney asserts that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. “My client may have actually killed this person by ejecting a bullet from its chambers t… Source link Read More

The Most Fun (and Useful) Things You Can Do With an Amazon Echo or Google Home

Smart home devices will tell you the weather and answer trivia questions, sure, but they can do so much more. Try these tips to streamline your day, relax a little or just have some fun. Source link Read More

We Found a Suit That Won’t Wrinkle — Even if You Wear it All Day

Ever hopped a flight in a suit, only to realize that somewhere between boarding and making your way out of the plane that your three-piece became one giant wrinkle? It’s embarrassing and irritating and the only thing worse is having to change into a suit in one of those tiny cabin bathrooms. We Just Found Read More

The 42 Coolest New Toys, Tech, and Tools

With advancements in technology infusing both form and function, these 42 pieces of gear are upending the way we live, work, and play—indoor and out. For this year’s Style and Design feature, we look into every nook to find the best—and best-looking—tools and toys for the well-equipped man. Some of it is attainable, like a Read More

New Line of Mini Arcade Machines are Exact 12-Inch Replicas

New Wave Toys is creating a line of mini arcade machines that are 12-inch replicas of classic arcade cabinets called RepliCades. Starting with RepliCade X Centipede and RepliCade X Tempest, these replicas are officially licensed, fully-playable, 1/6 scale versions of the original cabinets. More are to come, including Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. Each cabinet Read More

Killer Kate! Trailer Turns a Bachelorette Party Into a Bloody Massacre

Two estrange sisters are turned against each other by a savage maniac in the upcoming thriller Killer Kate!, splattering across screens this October. Source link Read More

The Rock Wraps Disney's Jungle Cruise with a Final Set Video

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and the crew of Disney’s Jungle Cruise say goodbye as shooting wraps. Source link Read More

Peeing patterns – what’s normal?

Get up twice as often as your cubicle neighbour, or never feel the call of nature? We decode your peeing patterns and uncover ways to wee better. (Go ahead, laugh, but you’ll thank us later.) What is urine and where does it come from? Urine is a waste product. Your kidneys – one on each Read More

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