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I Think We're Alone Now Trailer Drops Peter Dinklage Into the Apocalypse

The first trailer for director Reed Morano’s I Think We’re Alone Now has arrived. Source link Read More

'Hamilton' May Be Hitting Movie Theaters Rather Soon

A bidding war is out for a 2016 recording of Hamilton to hit theaters. Source link Read More

Trilobites: Who Was the Real Lorax? Seeking the Inspiration for Dr. Seuss

A new essay explores the possible real-life examples for the Lorax character and Truffula trees. Source link Read More

One Dead and 13 Injured in Toronto Shooting, Police Say

A woman was killed and a girl around 8 years old was in critical condition, the police said. The suspect is dead. Source link Read More

Webfonts And Performance: SmashingConf Videos

Webfonts And Performance: SmashingConf Videos Webfonts And Performance: SmashingConf Videos The Smashing Editorial 2018-07-20T14:35:35+02:00 2018-07-21T10:55:17+00:00 Webfonts are difficult to get right. An often overlooked and disruptive piece of web performance, webfonts can slow down your site and leave your visitors confused and agitated. No one wants agitated visitors. Webfonts Are ▢▢▢ Rocket Science Recorded at Read More

Pence, Cabinet Cabal May Invoke 25th Amendment, Removing Trump

Shocked by the President’s erratic behavior and comments during recent weeks, sources close to Vice President Mike Pence reveal that he has been in serious discussions with key members of Donald Trump’s cabinet with the intent of declaring him “unab… Source link Read More

State of the Art: What Stays on Facebook and What Goes? The Social Network Cannot Answer

Asked about the kind of content Facebook keeps up and the kind it removes, company executives from Mark Zuckerberg on down have been comically tripped up in their responses. Source link Read More

5 Stylish Picks to Grab From the Amazon Prime Day Sale

The Amazon Prime Day Sale is in full swing and there’s no shortage of pieces to pick up to upgrade your style. The perfect time to add some stylish pieces to your closet, the sale is a great excuse to stock up on both basic closet essentials and stylish finds. Everything from comfortable kicks, denim Read More

10 Essential Pieces of Gear to Take to the Lake This Season

Whether you’re headed out for a weeklong cabin retreat or a few hours in the wild, the right gear can make or break your excursion. Here’s the stuff worth hauling. Why Every Adventurer Should Head to the Finger Lakes This Summer 1. The Quicker Dry: Packtowl Luxe A typical beach towel will almost invariably overstuff Read More

How Cyberpunk 2077 Benefits From Its Tabletop Origins

“Steal from the best, but admit you did it.” As a veteran designer for both tabletop and digital games, this is the advice that Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith offered new game designers during a recent interview with IGN. He expounded, saying that “You’re not going to invent it all yourself – you’re going to learn Read More

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