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President Trump: My Wall Will Be Visible From The Moon

Buoyed by his recent success in ending the longest US government shutdown in history single-handedly, President Donald Trump today spoke about the Mexican Wall project, and said that the superstructure would be “visible from the Moon”. Trump told… Source link Read More

A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’

Apple decided several years ago to produce a high-end Mac in Texas. The problems that surfaced illustrate the challenges of domestic manufacturing. Source link Read More

Review: The Gobi Heat Nomad 5 Zone Jacket

This Polar Vortex is nothing to mess with. Now is the time of year when when winter’s claws begin to sink deep below the skin, gripping our bones with the kind of chill we won’t be able to shake till April. Thankfully, advances in heated clothing technology have made it easier to get the gear Read More

The Todd Snyder 70% Off Sale Now Includes Our Favorite Timex Military Watches

Whenever Todd Snyder has a sale it’s reason to celebrate. And the label just added a bunch of inventory to its Final Sale, which means you can get up to 70 percent off. Todd is known for his excellent collaborations, and one of his most renowned collabs was with Timex. And now there’s a host Read More

Metroid Prime 4 Development Restarting With Retro Studios

Metroid Prime 4’s development is restarting from the beginning with the help of Retro Studios, developers of the original Metroid Prime games. Announced by Nintendo, the decision was made because this fourth entry “has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series.” Due to this reason, Nintendo has decided Read More

The Beach Bum Red Band Trailer Traps McConaughey in a Never Ending Party

Matthew McConaughey’s Moondog is forced to make some life decisions in the latest trailer for Harmony Kroine’s The Beach Bum. Source link Read More

9 Marvel Comics Movies We Almost Got in the 90s

Marvel Comics stable of superheroes and villains were in precarious place for decades and some of the ideas tossed around would have been fascinating to see. Source link Read More

Tips for Hiring a DJ for Your Health and fitness Event

A DJ can add more life to your events and you must always consider hiring a DJ that understands his job very well. However, when it comes to hiring a DJ for your event, you must take a look at many important things. Usually, people are not aware of the things they need to look Read More

Scientist Who Edited Babies’ Genes Is Likely to Face Charges in China

A Chinese government investigation found that He Jiankui had “seriously violated” state regulations by altering human embryos. Source link Read More

How to Watch the Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon on Sunday Night

You don’t really need to call it a “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” Source link Read More

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