The Kilogram Is Dead. Long Live the Kilogram!

After a vote (and a century of research), the standard measure for mass is redefined, and the long reign of Le Grand K is ended. Source link Read More

The Price Tag of Migrant Family Separation: $80 Million and Rising

The federal government has spent $80 million on its now-abandoned policy of separating migrant children from their families. Dozens of children remain in detention. Source link Read More

How to Make Your Workout Session an Enjoyable One

As well all know, exercising carries a number of health benefits. In fact, exercising everyday can help you live longer and has a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. For example, studies show that people who exercise daily are at a low risk for cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, daily exercise can Read More

Inclusive Design For Accessible Presentations

Inclusive Design For Accessible Presentations Inclusive Design For Accessible Presentations Allison Ravenhall 2018-11-15T13:45:14+01:00 2018-11-16T13:35:01+00:00 To all the presenters of conferences, workshops, and meetups: I truly enjoy hearing your anecdotes and learning things from you. I like laughing at your jokes, especially the puns. Unfortunately, some people in your audience aren’t getting as much out of Read More

Mohammed bin Salman Is A Compulsive Liar, Says CIA

CIA officials working on the murder of the Saudi Arabian dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, have said that the slaying was organised by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, and that his attempts to cover this up amounts to lying. The C… Source link Read More

The Saturday Profile: From Encyclopedic Collector to ‘Wikipedian-at-Large’

Mike Dickison was a museum curator when he turned to another form of curating, teaching fellow New Zealanders how to beef up their country’s presence on the website. Source link Read More

A Stylish Denim, Shirt, and Jacket Combo

Denim may be as reliable as death and taxes, but that doesn’t mean you should keep wearing the same old jeans. The world’s most sought after brands continue to push the envelope by showcasing new cuts, colors, and styles that are refreshing the standards. And it’s not just jeans. Fall Fashion: Clothing Items for Every Read More

The 10 Coolest Gear Items From Outdoor Retailer 2018

Usually we don’t get to see 2019’s newest toys and clothes until the new year. But this year we got lucky: Outdoor Retailer added an additional show in November in Denver, Colorado to give a sneak peek at the newest gear that will go on sale next fall at your favorite specialty retail shop. While the show was Read More

Red Dead 2: Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations and Guide

This fun quest will lead to some easy money. Here are clues (and full solutions) to this tough Treasure Map series. Source link Read More

Detective Pikachu Trailer: The First Live-Action Pokemon Movie

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds has arrived, and it looks pretty awesome and action-packed. Source link Read More

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