What’s All the Fuss About Personal Training Anyway?

Do you remember being back in school?  Running around pretty much all day, getting home, and then going off to play with your friends?  So much energy, seemingly always on the go! Not anymore. Nowadays it’s a case of getting out of breath when climbing too many stairs, and getting home to collapse on the Read More

Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team

Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team Bringing A Healthy Code Review Mindset To Your Team Sandrina Pereira 2019-06-12T13:30:59+02:00 2019-06-13T06:44:42+00:00 A ‘code review’ is a moment in the development process in which you (as a developer) and your colleagues work together and look for bugs within a recent piece of code before it Read More

Politically Correct Man Guiltily Has a Racial Thought

Several days ago, as Todd Imperial was stepping out of a crowded elevator, his eyes inadvertently drifted to the notably generous derriere of the woman in front of him, and, before he could appropriately censor himself, his mind had guiltily jumped t… Source link Read More

A Judge Rules Against One Stem-Cell Clinic. There Are Hundreds of Them.

In a long-sought victory for the F.D.A., a federal judge said officials have the authority to regulate stem-cell treatments made from patients’ own fat. Source link Read More

Our Favorite Men’s Care Brand Has A New Line: Hair by Harry’s

With the influx of razor-by-mail companies lately, we keep coming back to Harry’s. We’ve never been disappointed. Harry’s has amazing shave products as well as razors, with low prices and fantastic customer service. And now our favorite men’s care brand has just released a line of hair care and grooming products that are as awesome Read More

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

The perfect gift takes a little more effort than skipping the tie rack—which is a good first step. Here’s our handy cheat sheet to finding Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually use. The Best Coffee Destinations in NYC That Serve So Much More Than Coffee First, we broke down what your dad is interested in: music, Read More

The X-Men Movie Franchise's Last Great Mutant Easter Egg

Warning: Full spoilers follow for Dark Phoenix. Fox’s mutant movie universe may be coming to a close as Marvel Studios takes control of the X-Men characters, but not before debuting one last fan-favorite character. Dazzler finally makes her big screen debut in Dark Phoenix, albeit only in cameo form and apparently played by Halston Sage (The Read More

After the Wedding Trailer: Michelle Williams & Julianne Moore Unravel Dark Secrets

The manager of an orphanage in Kolkata travels to New York to meet a benefactor in the dark and mysterious thriller After the Wedding. Source link Read More

A Quiet Place 2 Wants Brian Tyree Henry to Join Emily Blunt

Actor Brian Tyree Henry is reportedly in talks to join the cast of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place 2. Source link Read More

Must Have Items for Breastfeeding Mums

One of the decisions you must make as a mom is whether to breastfeed your baby or to bottlefeed them. If you choose the former, you must make proper preparations for both you and the baby. This not only includes choosing a careful diet and a feeding plan but also getting all the necessary equipment Read More

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